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How We Began

Behind Let’s Grow is a group of parents of disabled young adults. After their sons and daughters left high school, these families found that most existing day programs could not or would not accommodate their children with complex needs. The ones that do exist have either limited operating times or are have significant travel time from downtown Toronto. Faced with the prospect of their family members becoming isolated and disconnected, the families decided to build their own program. 

Let’s Grow is dedicated to creating a fun, nurturing and engaging community for adults with complex developmental and physical needs. Generally, our team members require 1:1 care for most activities. Our programming is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and strengths, while providing a caring and supportive community to which they belong.

At Let’s Grow, we are all a team. We believe each team member is unique and on a path of learning and living. Our community warmly welcomes our team members each day with a primary goal of putting their needs, safety and growth first. We respect that everybody can contribute in their own way – without judgement. 

With the team members at the centre, we provide activities like art, music, cooking, sensory therapy and community outings - all supported by our team of staff and volunteers. Together our team builds a sense of belonging to both Let’s Grow and the wider Toronto community.

Our Vision

To create a space for adults with complex developmental and physical needs to be engaged, grow, find joy and a true sense of belonging.

Our Mission

To provide a quality day program for our vulnerable population that builds their sense of fun, belonging and self-worth.


Meet Our Team

Our staff is well trained and passionate about achieving success for our Team members.


We commit that our staff:

  • Will enthusiastically deliver a positive and enjoyable program that meets the needs of all team members.

  • Will arrange community outings.

  • Will encourage positive and socially appropriate behaviour, while effectively and positively managing any challenging behaviours.

  • Are comfortable and trained to perform direct care duties for individual team members, including toileting, feeding and assisting with physical and mobility requirements.

  • Will promote positive routines/duties/activities in a cooperative, respectful and flexible manner.

Site Operations Leadership Team

Ray Merrikin

Leadership Team

Deb Fletcher.png

Hayley AvRuskin

Deborah Fletcher

Ijeoma Ross

Kristin Buchanan 


Phil Richmond

Mark Daprato

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