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Our founders have been busy over the years advocating for the rights of the medically complex, disabled community. Check out what they've had to say!

Growing Up Scared 

An in-depth look at the face of becoming a medically complex, severley disabled adult with few supports. 

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The Miss of Inclusive Education

Toronto-based parents Phil Richmond and Hayley Avruskin have two children with complex disabilities.


They are part of the Congregated School Parent Network, which supports GTA-based congregated schools. In this article, they discuss being parents of complex special needs kids and inclusive education

Is Ontario failing adults with developmental disabilities?

Some Ontarians with developmental disabilities wait decades for residential placements, so families are calling for change — and taking the province to court


More help needed for kids with disabilities who age out of care system.

'We've never felt more alone on this journey,' says family after their son turned 21

Aging out at 21

Turning 21 meant Deane became completely dependent on his parents care 24/7. 

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