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Our Programs

We offer a quality day program that challenges, engages and is designed to build connections with every team member. Our program is FUN, interesting and always unique.


Let’s Grow members have a high ratio of personal care staff team members who are ready to help them belong, learn and live. Let’s Grow runs during weekdays, year-round. Our home base is a newly renovated/accessible and central Toronto location at Mt. Pleasant & Bloor.

Please download our application forms and email them back at after filling out.

Weekly Schedule Sample
String Lights in Jar

Sensory Wind Down

  • Aromatherapy

  • Sensory stimulation

  • Light therapy

High Fives

Morning Huddle

  • Ice breakers

  • Orientation (date, location, weather)

  • Story time

  • Arrival

  • Social Engagement

  • Meet & Greet

  • Overview of the Day

  • Each activity includes options for each member.

Active Games

  • Fun adapted activities for each member focusing on movement and engagement

  • Swimming

  • Bowling

  • Pong

  • Ladder toss

  • And more!

Ping Pong Paddle

Baking Corner

  • Featuring bake and no bake recipes for us to try together!

Tray of Food

Nature Walk

  • Neighborhood walk

  • Going to a local park

  • Other outings

  • Community Service

    • Giving back to the

    • Shared space

  • Community Guests

Image by Atikah Akhtar

Music & Pop Culture


  • Creating music/ experimenting with musical instruments

  • Use of the Somatron: feeling music vibrations

  • Meditation/mindfulness activities


Visual Arts

  • Seasonal art projects

  • Creation of pieces to be used within the club

  • Creating art using adapted technology

  • Art therapy (identifying feelings)



  • Social skill games (role play)

  • Imitating body movements

  • Community trips to the movies/theatre

Pricing Information

The cost for each day is $110. Our attendees generally have access to Ontario's Passport funding program. Attendance to Let's Grow qualifies for Passport funding. If you are having trouble navigating the Passport funding process and want to participate at Let's Grow, let us know and we will try to help

Because most months are not an equal 4 weeks, if you come on Monday, for example, some months you may come 4 times, some months 5. To balance this out, we have calculated the fees over the whole year.

For Example, If you attend Let's Grow

  • 1 day week for 52 week would be 52 Days

  • 52 days x $110 for each day would be $5720 Annually

  • $5720 annually divided by 12 months would be $476.67 each month

We ask that you commit to coming to Let’s Grow for at least 3 months. If at any time you want to come to Let’s Grow longer than you first told us, we ask that you let us know 60 days before the day you said you would leave.

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